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March 9, 2019

Boeing to invest $3m in Embry-Riddle Scholarships

Boeing recently announced plans to establish a $3 million permanent endowment fund to help pay for scholarships for Flight and Maintenance Technician training at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU).



ERAU is the premier Aviation and Aerospace Institution plans to use this fund to increase the number of underrepresented populations in the Pilot workforce, particularly women and persons of color as well as veterans.

This was announced at the 18th Annual US Chamber of Commerce Aviation summit. The scholarships will be available as early as Fall 2019.

According to ERAU President, Dr Barry Butler, “Boeing and Embry-Riddle share a deep commitment to diversity and inclusion,” “Like the aviation industry, Embry-Riddle has a truly global presence. To meet future workforce needs and accelerate innovation, it is critical that we tap into the entire potential talent pool. Transformative business solutions spring from diverse teams that empower many different perspectives around the table. We are honored to partner with Boeing to provide educational opportunities for a broader spectrum of aspiring aviators.”

According to Boeing’s 2018 Pilot and Technician outlook, the industry will need to train 790,000 new civil Aviation Pilots and 754,000 new Maintenance Technicians to fly and maintain the world’s fleet over the next 20 years. This forecast covers Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation and also the Rotor Aviation industry.

If you are thinking of a career in the Aviation industry as a Pilot or Technician, this is definitely some good news and I encourage you to tap into this opportunity.

Source ERAU News.

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