Contract Flight Dispatch
We have a dedicated team of Licensed Flight Dispatchers with over a decade experience and fully trained on International flight plannning. A first of its kind out of Africa. Our team is here to provide consultations and provide the best solutions to optimise your next trip. We provide flight dispatch services from small jets to wide bodied Aircrafts complying with all individual Aircraft performance parameters.

Our flight planning services include:

  • Worldwide flight planning
  • Flight Crew Briefings
  • ATC Filings
  • Test Plans
  • Route Analysis / Route validation
  • Data Uplink
  • Flight Watch
  • USA TSA waiver
  • Caricom
  • Pacific and Australian Organized Track Structure (PACOTS; AUOTS)
  • ETOPS / ETP Planning
  • EU Compliant Flight Planning
  • Customized Weather Briefing