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  • Address: 2nd floor, EAN Jetcenter, Murtala Muhammed International Airport
  • Email Address: ops@aviagreene.com

Our Services

Our Services

AviaGreene Ground Handling

Ground Handling

AviaGreene Solutions Ltd offers world-class hands-on training in current trends in flight operations.

AviaGreene - Traffic Rights

Traffic Rights

Flight Permits are very integral to smooth flight Operations. We have the ability to secure all required flight permits

Aircraft Charter

Aircraft Charter

Aviagreene Solutions Ltd can arrange Charter Private Jets with special consideration to your safety

AviaGreene - Aviation Fuel

Aviation Fuel

Our worldwide fuel team assures you complete peace of mind, reliable, timely, and efficient fuel supply

Conceirge Services

Concierge Services

Our team is here to put an extra touch to organize your trip while on the ground without hindrances or disappointment